Who are we?

As Eczacıbaşı EKOM, we provide services banking operations, customs operations, financial and risk management services by being a mediator in the most efficient way for Community Corporations of Eczacıbaşı Community products exportations.

As Eczacıbaşı EKOM staff, we make sure that the operations and collection of exportations from manufacturer corporations are carried out correctly, right on Schedule and in the most economic method. On the other hand, we contribute to the Community synergy and provide reduction of financial expenditures to the minimum with organization of exportation credits, mutual foreign exchange procedures and derivative transactions.

We think that continuous transformation and innovation is inevitable for being permanent, creating a difference and service perfectiveness in the competitive business environment.



Human Resources

For basic principles and applications of Human Resources Management utilization, which is an indispensible part of Eczacıbaşı Community’s strategic management approach;

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Policies and Certificates

Quality Policy

  • Adopting an approach to meet the needs and expectations of producers to whom we provide services completely
  • To increase customer and employee satisfactions by continuously improving our processes
  • To attach importance to team work and to improve quality level in a continuous way in order for all employees to become more competent people who can use their skills at utmost level within frame of quality systems
  • To establish and maintain quality awareness in all employees, to implement training plans with no deficiencies
  • To implement the most suitable, correct and economic solutions in the fastest way and to avoid any discrepancies which can come out later on
  • To use existing resources effectively as required, to have mutual collaborations with suppliers
  • To assess quality management system performance periodically and to ensure its being continuously improved
  • To fulfill our responsibilities relating with our physical and social environment

Information Safety Policy

  • To make risk assessments against all kinds of threats that can occur from inside or outside either by knowing or without knowing and to protect information assets of our institution
  • To meet the requirements of all contracts and legal legislation
  • Regarding all activities being carried out to fulfill requirements of three fundamental factors of information safety for all information and information assets which are present in electronic, printed, aural or similar environments
    • Confidentiality: Avoiding unauthorized accesses to important information
    • Integrity: Showing that correctness and integrity of information are ensured
    • Accessibility: Showing that authorized people have accessibility to information in required cases
  • Ensuring safety of all data being present in electronic, printed, aural and similar environments and not only those beng kept in electronic environments
  • Ensuring awareness and maintaining at utmost level by providing information safety awareness training to all personnel
  • To prepare work continuity plans and to improve them continuously and maintain and test them
  • To evaluate information safety management system performance periodically and to ensure its being improved periodically

Policy about Protection of Personal Data

  • To see the Personal data protection policy of Eczacıbaşı Group Institutions click here.


ISO 9001:2015 ISO 27001:s2013

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  • Address: Büyükdere Cad.Ali Kaya Sok.No:5 Şişli Istanbul
  • Phone: +90 (212) 350 86 71 / 72
  • Fax: 90 (212) 284 41 08 / 07

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